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S & P Energy Solutions Plc. (SPES) is an Ethiopian company incorporated under the Ethiopian Commercial Code. The Company has acquired 50,000 Ha of land from the Government of Ethiopia on a long term lease with the objective of developing the agriculture and bio fuel sectors and contributing to the socio-economic development of local community. The promoters of S & P Energy Solutions Pic. Belong to M/s Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. (SPCL), a 150 year old Indian Conglomerate known for its excellent reputation, high creditworthiness, and valuable philanthropic contributions to society. SPCL has diverse business interests across the world in sectors like Real Estates, Textiles, Energy, Home Appliances, Shipping, Power & Bio-fuels etc.

To become a Technology driven Global Corporate Farming Company engaged in Commercial Agriculture as well as to leverage on evolving Bio-diesel technology with concomitant backward integration & thus contribute to sustainable development of local economy in the geographies we operate.

Organizational Objective:
• The main objective of the company is to participate in addressing increasing food security concerns
• To adopt State of the Art Technology to become a high productivity/least cost producer to mitigate price risk
• To move up the value chain in the chosen agricultural commodities with the above objective in mind.

Site Details:
The site is located in the North West of Ethiopia in the Benishangul - Gumuz Region, which is around 600 km by road from Addis Ababa. There are small villages located on the periphery of the site with the nearest being the Kota village.

FOOD (Production and Marketing of Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds, Spices)
Agriculture is the foundation of the Ethiopian domestic economy. Despite immense potential, Ethiopian Agriculture has remained under-developed due to small scale production, absence of adequate technology & lack of market access. Taking these factors into consideration S & P Energy Solutions Plc. has invested in the large scale commercial production and marketing of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, spices and other value-added crops. We are planning to use global best practices prevailing in the agricultural sector to address the vital issues of Food Security and Sustainability.

FUEL (Production of Biofuel from Pongamia)
Being one of the most promising sources of fuel available in the renewable energy sector, Bio-Fuel offers a great opportunity for us to become independent from Fossil Energy Sources. Moreover it will be a vital ingredient in bridging the medium and long term demand-supply gap in the fuel sector.S & P Energy Solutions Plc. will invest in large scale cultivation of Pongamia at its site. Pongamia happens to be one of the most reliable sources of Bio-fuel, giving a high yield while requiring little in the way of agricultural inputs for its growth. Simultaneously S & P Energy Solutions Plc.is also conducting multiple trials on R&D plots for Jatropha & other Tree Borne Oilseeds.

The Ethiopian Power Sector is highly dependant on hydro-energy which accounts for 95% of the total power generation. In order to diversify the sources of Power,S & P Energy Solutions Plc. has invested in the developmentof Indigenous renewable energy resources such as Woody
Biomass, Agricultural Residue, Bio-Fuels,  etc. This project will be undertaken in a phased manner.In the first phase S & P Energy Solutions Plc. plans to set upa ‘Biomass to Power’ (BTP) plant in Ethiopia with a capacityof 10 MW. The proposal for this has already been submitted to the Govt. of Ethiopia for their approval.

S & P Energy Solutions Plc. employs diverse and professionally qualified employees at its offices in Addis Ababa as well as at the site. Our team consists of a judicious mix of expatriate and local employees. As an organization we have identified the skills and competencies required for our operations, and we are committed to supporting our employees in the development of such competencies in order to retain our competitive edge by imparting appropriate training & other HR interventions.

CSR Initiative:
We at S & P Energy Solutions Plc. believe that a project cannot be successful unless it contributes towards the long-term socio-economic development of the various stakeholders and maintenance of environmental sustainability. The company is committed to support social & economic aspirations of the local community and various initiatives in this regard are already in place.

S & P Energy Solutions Plc. & Sustainable Agriculture:
As  a socially committed organization, S & P Energy Solutions Plc. recognizes the importanceof Sustainable Agricultural Practices & has implemented the same through the following initiatives

Elements Action :
1. Soil Fertility Soil Conservation/No Tillage Cultivation
2. Water Management Watershed Development
3. Crop Diversity Multi Crops
4. Pest & Disease Management Conformity to Plant Protection Residue Guidelines
5. Energy & Waste Management Renewable Power & Fuel Initiatives
6. Quality Customer Specs & QC
7. Safety Safety at Work Place & Product safety (ISO 22000-2005)
8. Employee Welfare Employee Service Norms, Welfare Facilities & CSR

Contact Person:
Chief General Manager - S & P Energy Solutions Plc. - spes.cgm@gmail.com

Sr. Manager – HR - S & P Energy Solutions Plc. - info.spesplc@gmail.com

Project Manager - S & P Energy Solutions Plc. - info.spesplc@gmail.com

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