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Gokak Mills was registered in the year 1885 by Ritche Stewart Ltd, under the name of Gokak Water Power and Manufacturing Company Ltd.(GWPCL). On the 5th October 1887 the first  power house was commissioned and with the help of 250 HP Pelton Wheel with the help  of 250 HP Pelton wheel mechanical power was generated, which was transmitted to the  extraordinary length of the line of transmission and speed attained by the huge pulley wheels  were said to surpass only thing of its kind in the world. 646.42 hectares is the total land  location of the mill dividing area including afforestation and area listed in the total property.

In the year 1887 1st Mill was started with 6000 spindles and in the year 1890 spindles were increased to 29525. In the year 1913 first time in Asia started Hydro Power Generation by using turbine.

In the year 1919 the company was registered in India as “Gokak Mills Ltd” then it becomes a rupee company. Ritch Stewart and company limited, united with M/s. Forbes and Company to  become Forbes Campbell with capital of $ 100000. The company started with 3 turbines.

Today, it is a division of Gokak Textiles Limited, with spindle capacity of 1,14,408 and  production capacity of 90 MT yarn per day.

Gokak Mills, is situated in the foothills of Sahyadri hills on the bank of the river Ghataprabha, 70 kms from Belgaum City 6 kms away from Gokak Town and near to Ghataprabha &  Gokak Road Railway stations on the Bangalore – Miraj broad gauge South Central Line.

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