Health Safety & Environment Policies

Health Safety & Environment Policies

Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd., has been providing construction services since 147 years and firmly believe that "SAFETY COMES FIRST" as an integral part of our operations.

Not only just as a corporate policy but more importantly as a practical culture, we at SPCPL believe in providing a safe and healthy working environment to all employees, workers and the community at large; to enable every activity we perform in a manner that it reduces and even eliminates risks.

In order to achieve this we, at SPCPL

  • Comply with all central, state and local statutory provisions pertaining to Safety, Health and Environment;
  • Maintain all equipment, office and job site conditions in ways that eliminates risk
  • Provide such information, instruction, supervision and training to ensure the Health and Safety at work of all employees;
  • Use relevant techniques and methods such as Safety Audits and risk assessment for periodical assessments of the status of Health, Safety and Environment.


Correspondingly, it is the part of SPCPL Culture that

  • Each employee of company will be responsible for Safety and Health;
  • All Safety equipment issued by the company must always be used as intended ;
  • Each employee must be familiar with and observe all safety rules, procedures and policies, as may be in force from time to time;
  • Supervisors will see that rules, procedures are observed by their crews, and immediately enforce appropriate corrective measures whenever violations are observed.

Shapoorji Pallonji is fully committed to maintain a safe working environment; be it the safety of our employees, subcontractors, equipment, facilities or even the community at large. Our untarnished and excellent safety record is best exemplified by the trust invested in us by such safety-conscious clients like Shell, BP Solar etc. In fact, companies like Glaxo SmithKline even extended a special appreciation letter acknowledging our exemplary safety standards.


As a standard practice, following are pre-requisites at SPCPL to commence any project

  •   Appointment of safety personnel for the project and the formation of a Safety Committee on site
  •   Review of specifications to identify appropriate safety standards and special safety conditions
  •   Hazard analysis
  •   Emergency plan for obtaining medical assistance, ambulance and direction for rescue operation
  •   Safety induction training for every worker, to make them aware of the safety rules and procedures  
  •   Inspection, testing and certification of tools and equipment 
  •   Display of safety signage caution boards and awareness posters
  •   Periodic Safety inspection and compliance of observations
  •   Accident Reporting and investigation   
  •   Analysis of accidents   
  •   Safety audit and compliance


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