COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Precautions at Regions

Shapoorji Pallonji E&C is taking care of its construction workforce during these challenging times. As the transport services have been suspended as part of the lockdown, SP E&C has advised its workers to stay put in their accommodation camps provided by us. We are providing rations to the workers during the lockdown period. We are carrying out regular health check-ups of all workmen on a daily basis and have created quarantine rooms inside these worker camps to handle any suspect cases. The adequacy of the arrangements is being reviewed daily and actions taken to mitigate the risks. All camp services such as drinking water, kitchens, washing and toilets, illumination, waste collection and disposal, etc., continue to function as usual. A trained doctor and male nurses have been provided at every camp to monitor the health of the workers. Needless to mention, the company would be paying the labour wages for all such labour despite closure of the work sites. Workers are also being told not to believe rumours and to maintain calm. Although health and hygiene measures are the norm in Shapoorji Pallonji worksites, ensuring  that these run perfectly as in normal times was primary focus as the mobility of resources is a challenge due to lockdown. However, our dedicated and responsible staff has risen to the occasion and ensured all these to run smoothly.