Balancing sustainability with social responsibility.

Our businesses, as well as the CSR initiatives undertaken, are driven by these two core principles. The mission of our CSR initiative is to create a sustainable and responsible business which protects the environment, enhances skill and creates job opportunities for the labor market and preserves the culture and heritage of the local area.

Our Belief

At Shapoorji Pallonji, we are committed to enriching people’s lives. For us at SP E&C, integrating societal, economic and environmental obligations are as important as creating a valuable business proposition.

Our Pillars

  • Improve quality of life: Affordable quality healthcare, safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Preserve the environment: Reducing carbon footprint, increasing green cover and promoting biodiversity
  • Educating future leaders: Facilitating knowledge & skills training to underprivileged children, young adults and tribal communities
  • Promote inclusion and development: Empowering differently abled  youth, enabling livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged and financial inclusion for migrant labor

Our Initiatives

Jal Daan
An initiative for providing safe drinking water and promoting good health through a nationwide run campaign in the rural areas. Launched by Eureka Forbes, the aim to treat poor water quality and contribute water to support the local community garnered over 3 million pledges benefitting over 10,000 school children and villages.

SP Forest
In an effort to reduce carbon footprint, the program aims to make greener projects by using existing construction areas and afforesting the client’s land as a part of the project. Over 500 trees have now grown in 11 SP Forests that have been built on our sites, along with thousands of trees planted every World Environment Day.

Rural Education Programmes
Building education daycare centers for improving literacy rates, supporting educational improvement programmes across 81 schools and offering skills training to empower the underprivileged rural youth are some of our programmes.

Flood Relief
Our disaster relief initiatives in Uttarakhand, 2013, and in Jammu and Kashmir, 2014, involved support by supplying food and water supplies, medical provisions, blankets, solar lanterns and water filter units, helping families get back on their feet.